Philippians Preview

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Bible Reading Plan! We are so glad you are joining us for this quick journey as we read and study Paul’s letter to the Philippians this week. Each day, you will read one chapter of the Bible followed by a short devotional, answer a few questions, and if you want, record any observations or insights using the interactive comments section. We believe God will use this resource to grow our knowledge and affection for Him. We know God’s Word does not return void (Isaiah 55:11). Sign up with a friend, your Life Group, or your family, and let’s dig in!

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Let’s Go, Church!


Around 49 AD the apostle Paul was in Philippi, a Gentile-heavy Roman colony, on a missionary journey and he was looking to start a new church. Alongside Lydia (a merchant who dealt in only the finest of cloth), a jailer, and a formerly demon-possessed slave girl, the church at Philippi began inside Lydia’s house. It was an odd group to start a church with, but these were Paul’s people. He loved these people. Twelve years later, from a Roman prison, Paul wrote them this letter to encourage them, cheer them on, and thank them for their support over the years. 

There are a couple of different ideas repeated throughout this letter to the Philippians. One prominent theme is the importance of suffering well, for the sake of Christ. Paul, imprisoned, was a prime example of how to do that. Paul knew that the outside world was going to be antagonistic towards Christians because he was experiencing that firsthand. He viewed it as an opportunity to suffer in the same way Jesus did. 

The other idea that’s repeated throughout the letter is the importance of unity for the believers. He stresses the importance of being of one spirit and one mind. As we’ll read in chapter four, there was a conflict amongst two women within the church and word had gotten back to Paul. Paul was fully aware that relationships can be messy and it’s easy to drift into relational dysfunction within the church. He also understood the importance of cutting that out quickly in order to advance the gospel. 

There is so much in Philippians that we can learn from today. All four of these chapters are loaded with theological truths and practical applications for us. This week, we’ll read the book from start to finish. Pay attention to every word on the page–you don’t want to miss anything. 

Thanks for journeying along with us!

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