Exodus Preview

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Getting Started

Welcome to the Bible Reading Plan! We are so glad you are joining us for this journey through all 40 chapters of Exodus over the next few weeks. Each day, you will read one chapter of the Bible followed by a short devotional, answer a few questions, and if you want, record any observations or insights using the interactive comments section. We believe God will use this resource to grow our knowledge and affection for Him. We know God’s Word does not return void (Isaiah 55:11). Sign up with a friend, your Life Group, or your family, and let’s dig in!

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Let’s Go, Church!

Introduction To Exodus

When the book of Genesis ends, life seems to be going pretty well for God’s people (now known as the Israelites). Joseph had ascended to a high place and he was looked at fondly by Pharoah. But things change, and the Book of Exodus shows us just how bleak things were looking for the Israeites. Exodus, the second book in the Bible, is a continuation of the story that began in the book of Genesis. Scholars maintain that Exodus (like its predecessor) was written around 1440 B.C. (potentially a little later) by Moses, about whom we’ll learn a great deal over the next 40 days. 

As you read, take good notes. Read closely and carefully, paying special attention to the sequence of events that are unfolding before you. Get to know the characters in these stories. What does each chapter in this book teach you about God’s character? What does it teach you about humanity? What are the implications for you today? These are the questions we’ll be seeking answers to.

As we said when we started Genesis, too often, people get confused by the Old Testament because some of the names sound funny and because we equate “old” with “irrelevant.” Let that not be true of us! There are so many parallels between God’s deliverance of His people in Exodus and God’s deliverance of us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

When we talked, discussed, and prayed through what was next, we shared a conviction that God wanted us to keep reading the story of the Israelites and HIs faithfulness. Thanks for joining us as we explore Exodus together! – The BRP Team

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