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Rest Day

Today is a Rest Day. There is no new Bible reading to do. Today, the goal is simple: rest in the presence of God. Maybe you need to use today to get caught up on the reading plan if you’re behind, maybe you want to journal what you’re learning so you don’t forget what God is teaching you, or maybe you want to spend time in concentrated prayer–do that. Above all, just spend time in God’s presence.

Reflect on This

As we read through this stretch of minor prophets, what themes are you noticing? Think about that as you answer the following questions:

1. What surprised you about the scripture you read this week?

2. What have you learned about the nature of God through the scripture you read this week?

3. What have you learned about the nature of man through the scripture you read this week?

4. What are the Gospel implications for us because of the scripture you read this week?

Worship with Us

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2 thoughts on “Rest Day”

  1. Christi Seale

    Reading Jonah resurfaces past hurts. If you read my comment from yesterday, it may have seemed cynical towards Jonah’s character. I’ve read Jonah countless times, because it’s one of my favorites. But it really has dealt with me this time of past hurts. Jonah is in desperate need of a heart change. Jonah would have died if he didn’t ask for forgiveness, but God relented. Yet, he does not want God to relent towards the Ninevites.
    I’ve been a Ninevite—a prodigal—And there were a handful of people that were Jonah’s towards me. When God should have released great punishment in their eyes, God relentlessly loved me.
    So I beg of any of you reading this…don’t be a Jonah towards anyone. If you have been, go to that person and make it right…even if it’s been years. The pain runs deep, but through Gods love it can be made right. 1 Peter 4:8
    Father God, cleanse our hearts. Make them new, and loving. Father, heal our hurts from others so that we may be restored. Help us, Father to see what you see. In your name I pray

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