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Rest Day

Today is a Rest Day. There is no new Bible reading to do. Today, the goal is simple: rest in the presence of God. Maybe you need to use today to get caught up on the reading plan if you’re behind, maybe you want to journal what you’re learning so you don’t forget what God is teaching you, or maybe you want to spend time in concentrated prayer–do that. Above all, just spend time in God’s presence.

Try This: Solitude

Incorporating different spiritual disciplines into our lives is one way we can grow in maturity. This week, we will practice the discipline of solitude. Even Jesus found time to pull away and be alone with the Father, so why wouldn’t we? 

We often find ourselves in such a rush to get from one activity to the next that even our time with Jesus can feel distracted and noisy. Today, leave your phone in a different room for a little while. Sit somewhere distraction (and technology) free. Ask God to teach you something–to speak to you, and then listen without any other agenda.

If the discipline of solitude is new to you, try setting a timer for 15 minutes. Do it for longer if you are up for more of a challenge! Try it today and see what God teaches you through this spiritual discipline. 

Worship with Us

Join us at 9a, 11a, or 7p in person or online at We’d love to worship with you! We also desire to connect everyone with a local church body where they can thrive in community and use their gifts to serve. If you’re following our Bible Reading Plan from outside of Waco and are eager to get connected with a great local church, email us at

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