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Rest Day

Today is a Rest Day. There is no new Bible reading to do. Today, the goal is simple: rest in the presence of God. Maybe you need to use today to get caught up on the reading plan if you’re behind, maybe you want to journal what you’re learning so you don’t forget what God is teaching you, or maybe you want to spend time in concentrated prayer–do that. Above all, just spend time in God’s presence.

Reflect on this

This week we completed all 42 chapters of the book of Job as well as Obadiah. Today, catch up on any reading you fell behind on or re-read anything that you feel you need to read again. Once you’re all caught up, set aside some time to answer these questions again this week:

1. What surprised you about the book of Job?

2. What did you learn about the nature of God through the book of Job?

3. What did you learn about the nature of man through the book of Job?

4. What are the Gospel implications for us now that we have finished the book of Job?

5. What did you learn about God through reading Obadiah? What did you learn about humanity? 

Once you have taken time to reflect on these questions, go back re-watch the Job overview from The Bible Project that we watched at the very beginning of the chapter. 

Worship with Us

Join us at 9a, 11a, or 7p in person or online at We’d love to worship with you! We also desire to connect everyone with a local church body where they can thrive in community and use their gifts to serve. If you’re following our Bible Reading Plan from outside of Waco and are eager to get connected with a great local church, email us at

Help Us Brainstorm

We are trying to figure out what would make the BRP’s Sunday entries more helpful and more engaging. Maybe it’s a video, a podcast, a personal reflection…the options are endless!

Do you have an idea? If so, e-mail us at Thanks for helping us think!

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1 thought on “Rest Day”

  1. I encourage all to examine your breath life. Prayerfully breath in and out and with each inhale/exhale PRAISE God for that moment!!!

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