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Read Psalm 8

For the director of music. According to gittith. A psalm of David.

Lord, our Lord,
    how majestic is your name in all the earth!

You have set your glory
    in the heavens.
Through the praise of children and infants
    you have established a stronghold against your enemies,
    to silence the foe and the avenger.
When I consider your heavens,
    the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
    which you have set in place,
what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
    human beings that you care for them?

You have made them a little lower than the angels
    and crowned them with glory and honor.
You made them rulers over the works of your hands;
    you put everything under their feet:
all flocks and herds,
    and the animals of the wild,
the birds in the sky,
    and the fish in the sea,
    all that swim the paths of the seas.

Lord, our Lord,
    how majestic is your name in all the earth!

Go Deeper

Psalm 8 begins and ends by proclaiming God’s majesty (some Biblical interpretations use “excellent” instead). Because it holds the important place of the start and finish to David’s song, let’s dig a little deeper to understand the meaning.

Psalm 8 claims the Lord’s name is majestic, or “addir” in Hebrew. This was the same word used to describe kings, nobles, and rulers – those who held authority over lands, nations, and people. Their words would determine the fate of countries and write the history of civilizations. So, when David proclaims that the Lord’s name is “addir,” we know the song will speak to the power and authority of God as creator and ruler.

In Psalm 8, we see David mirror Genesis 1, where God creates the heavens, the earth, and all its inhabitants. God breathed words and galaxies materialized, some of which we haven’t even discovered yet. He subdued the raging waters with earth to create land that bears fruit. He carefully designed each bird, animal, and sea creature for His specific purpose, and it began to fly, run, and swim at His command. Then, He created humans, which seem so small compared to the vastness of the universe, and yet, it all was created with us in mind. Not only do we get to be here, created and living in the midst of His glory, but then He bestowed on us the power and authority over all His creation. What an awesome responsibility we hold!

How often do we take a moment to recognize this? In the midst of our work, school, and schedules, we mistakenly can begin to think our lives revolve around our activities in our world. The truth is our lives were created to actively care for God’s activities in His world. We (humans) have been anointed His representatives on earth with “a crown of glory and honor” (verse 5) so that we might share in the joy of His majesty.


  1. When you hear the word “majesty,” what images or descriptions come to mind?
  2. What are the actions we should take as God’s representatives on earth created to actively care for God’s activities in His world?
  3. When you consider all the things God made in Genesis 1, which amazes you most?  Take time to read this account in Genesis 1, visualize God’s creation, and praise Him.

Did You Know?

At the beginning of this chapter, David gives directions to the musical director that the song should be sung “according to gittith.” Historians believe a gittith was a stringed instrument fashioned in Gath, a city-state of the Philistines. David spent time there when running from Saul (1 Samuel 21), and it was Goliath’s hometown (2 Samuel 21).

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4 thoughts on “Psalm 8”

  1. Can we just pause in the midst of the swirling chaos of this world and reflect on the majesty of our God? For when we see him for who he really is it changes us. The sun is coming up right now and frost is over everything! . Ponder nature and all things created. He has built a universe for us to live in, one that we do not deserve. Think of your very favorite place outdoors. One of mine happens to be white sandy beaches with blue waves washing on shore. My senses can hardly take it in. I feel small and grateful that all this happened by God speaking it into existence. Later tonight and into tomorrow we may see snow in our area, each flake uniquely designed by the Father’s hand. That’s exactly how he created us, uniquely and purposefully. Verse 5 states we are “crowned with glory and honor “ and then put in charge of this world. That’s weighty! All creation screams his brilliance to us and is intended to draw us into worship of the Creator. Let’s focus on his magnificence and let it silence the enemy.

    1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. In the midst of all the noise and chaos I forget to step back and remember the majesty of our King. The One who can with just a word stop the noise and chaos, just as with one word He created the universe. Thank you for reminding me to focus more on His word, His honor, His beauty and His Promises rather than the noise and chaos. To look at the many wonders that He has placed before us and give Him praise even in the storms.

      Thank you

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