Genesis Preview

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The word genesis means “origin.” Spread out over 50 chapters, the book of Genesis is an origin story of how the earth came to be, the first people to inhabit it, and all of the good and bad that came along with them. Traditionally attributed to Moses, these stories were passed down orally from generation to generation since the very beginning. This is the first of five books known as the Torah (along with Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy). These books are full of stories, lessons, and instructions on how to live. But these books are more than just instructional–they also help us shape our view of who God is (especially Genesis). 

A lot of the stories we are going to read will be familiar to you. For some of you, you may have heard these stories in Sunday School, but without a full picture of what was happening before and after the story ends. That’s the beauty of reading the whole book together. We’re going to see God reveal Himself throughout the pages of this journey. We’re going to see humans really mess up (time and time again). But we’re also going to see God establish a plan to redeem these people that He loves so much and made in His own image. 

As we read, take good notes. What does each chapter in this book teach you about God’s character? What does it teach you about humanity? What are the implications for you in 2020? Too often people get confused by the Old Testament because some of the names sound funny and because we equate “old” with “irrelevant.” But may that not be true of us. We have an opportunity for the next 50 chapters to start at the beginning and really dive deep into the story of God.

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1 thought on “Genesis Preview”

  1. I am just beginning this BRP and want to start at “the beginning”. It’s hard for me to keep up each day, but this outline is one that I like and hoping you don’t pull it once it is complete from the current daily structure so that I can continue. Thank you for this.

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