John In Review

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John In Review

The book of John ends with a shocking statement: This is only a portion of what Jesus did while He was on earth. Over these 21 chapters, we see instance after instance of Jesus revealing His true identity (and His deity) to those around Him. After hundreds of years of waiting for a Messiah, Jesus makes it abundantly clear: He’s who they have been waiting for all this time.

Through signs, wonders, miracles, dialogues, and monologues, Jesus lays out who He was and Who had sent Him. We, like Nicodemus and so many others we saw in the book of John, have a choice to make: We either take Jesus at His word and believe in Him or we don’t. There’s no neutral position or middle ground for us. If we believe that Jesus was the Messiah and that these stories about Him are true, it has to change everything. 

We have the ability to read these stories and get a firsthand account of the life of Jesus. We get to learn from the example Jesus set while on earth. We can run from darkness. We can be born again. We can carry the gospel to those far from Him. We can celebrate His miracles when they happen around us. We can abide in Him. We can have life to the full. But that only comes with believing the truth that is so explicitly laid out in John 3:16.


What did you learn about God throughout the book of John?

What did you learn about humanity throughout the book of John?

What did you learn about the character of Jesus from the book of John?

What sign or miracle from Jesus stuck out to you the most? Why did that one resonate with you?

What teaching of Jesus stuck out to you the most in the book of John? Why?

How has reading through John over the past 21 days given you a clearer understanding of the Gospel?

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1 thought on “John In Review”

  1. The gospel of John penned by “the disciple Jesus loved” proves through his account that Jesus is the giver of eternal life. John is writing from personal experience as he has witnessed the events and been right at the heart of Christ’s ministry. John wants the reader to understand who Jesus is, put their faith in him as the unique Son of God, and in doing so experience life in Christ and the added bonus of fellowship with other believers. As I’ve read through John, I’m particularly drawn to the “I Am” statements as Jesus reveals who he is: Bread of Life, Light of the World, Door of the Sheep, Resurrection and the Life, Good Shepherd, The Way, the Truth, & The Life, and The True Vine. Everything we will ever need or want us found in Christ. John 1:17 states “grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”

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