Hebrews In Review

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Hebrews In Review

It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint one main idea in a book of the Bible, particularly one with 13 chapters in it. Hebrews, however, ends up being quite simple: Jesus is better than anyone or anything. For the early Jewish Christians, that was a much needed reminder. They wanted to lean on the religion of their past. It was more familiar and more comfortable. But Jesus is better. 

So what are we to take away from this letter? It’s one thing to read these words and nod our heads in agreement, but it’s another thing for us to really believe them. We might say Jesus is better than anyone or anything, but aren’t there times when we elevate our spouse, kids, or roommates above the Lord? Or maybe there are days when our jobs or school are clearly more important than our relationship with Jesus. But if we take what we read in Hebrews and internalize it, our lives will look different. In the midst of this theological treatise, there are some really practical action steps for us too. We’re told to encourage our fellow believers (ch. 3), grow in spiritual maturity (ch. 5-6), ensure we gather regularly with our Christian community (ch. 10), and to flee sin and live as Jesus has called us to (ch. 12). If we really believe Jesus is better than what the world has to offer us, we will be people who live out what we’re called to in this letter. 

We’re moving on to Paul’s letter to the Philippians next. This letter, while relatively short, is loaded with both theological truths foundational to our faith and some practical takeaways that will make us more committed followers of Jesus. We’re excited to begin a quick journey through Philippians on Monday! Before we do that, take some time today to reflect on what you learned in Hebrews.

  1. What did you learn about God throughout the book of Hebrews?
  2. What did you learn about humanity throughout the book of Hebrews?
  3. Put yourselves in the shoes of the original audience. Why was the book of Hebrews so important for them to read?
  4. What are 2-3 practical applications for you to take from Hebrews today? 
  5. So much of the book centers around the idea of the supremacy of Jesus. What have you elevated above Jesus in your life? 
  6. Think about the stories of faith from the Old Testament that were referenced in Hebrews 11. Which of those resonates with you the most? Why?
  7. If you were to try to memorize one verse from the entire book of Hebrews, which one would it be? Why did that one speak to you?
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1 thought on “Hebrews In Review”

  1. Reading and meditating on the Word is a treasure, for on its pages are words of help and hope for our sinful hearts. We were pursued by God from the very beginning, for he desires a deep, personal relationship with us. Confessing and turning away from our sins, followed by obedience to truth brings the greatest reward, a relationship with Jesus and direct access to the Father. Faith is key to maturing, to persevering in living a disciplined life as a Christ-follower. Hebrews points to Jesus as the supreme culmination of all Old Testament prophecy. Christ reveals the grace of God and also is our perfect mediator to God. What’s required of us is faith that deepens, trusts, perseveres and always points to Christ.

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