Exodus In Review

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Exodus In Review

It’s an understatement to say a lot happens in the book of Exodus. Once Joseph dies, Israel quickly finds itself enslaved and things look pretty bleak. From there, Exodus 3-40 takes place over a roughly two year period. From God’s call of Moses, to the completion of the tabernacle, so much unfolds in front of us. Moses is a case study on leadership. Pharoah is a case study on pride. The Israelites are a case study on group behavior. And the entire book is a case study on the sovereignty of God. 

There are some high highs and some low lows in Exodus. God gives the Ten Commandments to Moses in a dramatic scene at the top of Mount Sinai. He also establishes the Mosaic Covenant with Israel as a sign of his love for them. We see moments of extreme faithfulness and obedience to what God is telling them to do. Then after everything the Israelites have been through, we still see them melting down their gold so they can worship a golden calf. Israel wanders and returns, much like we do. We worship God with everything we have and then later that day we craft an idol out of whatever we think will bring us satisfaction in the moment. Yet God stays the same. 

We’re moving on to the book of Hebrews next. After spending the last 15 weeks reading Genesis and Exodus, we thought it was time to head back to the New Testament. Hebrews is full of references to the Old Testament (Exodus in particular) and it seemed like a great bridge to Jesus. We’re so excited to begin this journey through Hebrews on Monday! Before we do that, take some time today to reflect on what you learned in Exodus.

  1. What did you learn about God throughout the book of Exodus?
  2. What did you learn about humanity throughout the book of Exodus?
  3. Why is it important for us to understand the story of Exodus?
  4. What stuck out to you the most during the plagues?
  5. What did you learn about leadership from Moses?
  6. What connections to Jesus were you able to make throughout the book of Exodus?
  7. What story from Exodus stuck out to you the most? Why did that one speak to you?
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3 thoughts on “Exodus In Review”

  1. 1. Throughout the pages of Exodus God pursues his chosen people and his plan cannot be thwarted.
    2. Humanity is flawed yet God in his mercy had a plan to redeem them from the beginning.
    3. Exodus foreshadows the redemptive work of Christ.
    4. Pharoah’s pride was so obnoxious during the plagues, my heart has a propensity to be stubborn & selfish as well.
    5. God equips those he calls, he qualifies the seemingly unqualified.
    6. A thread of connections to Christ are everywhere in Exodus, most importantly in the Passover passage. His blood would one day be shed so that we would no longer be under the curse of sin and death, the ultimate deliverance!
    7. Exodus 14 is one of my favorite passages as God parts the waters of the Red Sea, the people cross over on dry land, Pharoah & his army are swept away. This very same God is the same yesterday, today & forever. He still parts the waters!

    Thank you BRP team for leading us to dive into God’s timely word. It’s been amazing.

  2. I am getting so much out of the BRP- thank you. I thought maybe we were going right into Leviticus next. I certainly see why you have chosen to head back to the New Testament and study Hebrews but was hoping we could read straight through all the books in OT. I have never read straight through the whole Bible. I have always jumped around and the OT isn’t always easy to follow. The BRP has kept me on track and has helped me better understand the scriptures I am reading. I appreciate this resource more than you know. If possible, could we return back to Leviticus after Hebrews and continue reading straight through the Bible? Like I said, I have never read straight through the entire Bible and I certainly know that I would be able to finally do it with the help of faithfully reading along with the BRP. Again, very much appreciate this wonderful resource and all the hard work your team puts into it.

  3. Thank you God for BRP and thank you BRO for your resources in helping us in our walk with God. I used to say I disliked the Old Testament because I didn’t understand it but now I have gained more understanding and insight, through your explanations and word. So may continue to God bless your organisation and others with this exploration into Exodus.

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